BSL Twist Spot 75 LED moving head

BSL Twist Spot 75 LED moving head




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BSL Twist Spot 75 LED moving head. In Goede staat. 

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The BSL Twist Spot 75LED is a compact moving head with professional features. For example, think of a 3 facet prism. The moving head contains a 75 Watt LED source, which makes it well suited for medium-sized events. The 7 gobos are the same gobos as our Impact Spot 180LED. This makes it easy to combine your whole collection. Furthermore, you have full control of your moving head by means of DMX and RDM. Using RDM, you can read your moving heads status and set DMX addresses.

• DMX Address
• DMX Mode
• Temperature control
• Lifetime lamp

RDM is a particularly effective and time-saving feature in locations where many moving heads are used, such as music events, theater shows or television studios.

All BSL Moving Heads are equipped with STATE OF THE ART lens technology, this high-quality lens delivers a very sharp gobo projection with a beam angle from 13 to 18 degrees.


· Light source: Advanced 75w white led
· Led life: 60.000 hours
· Luminous Flux: 6400lumen, 6990lux@2.5m
· Control: Remote on/off via DMX
· Ballast: switching mode power supply

Optical System
· Beam angle: 13° to 18°

· Pan: 360° (3.2 sec) or 540°(3,58 sec)
· Tilt: 265° (2.6 sec)
· 16-bit resolution
· Auto repositioning

· 8+open, indexable and bidirectional rainbow effect
· Color bounce

· Outside ¢23mm, inside ¢18mm
· 7+ open custom interchangeable position for rotating gobo wheel
· Real indexable and gobo shaking
· Distinctive gobo animation effect

· DMX channels: 16/18/12/14
· Color wheel: 8+1 colors
· Rotating gobo wheel: 7+1 gobos
· Motorized focus
· Manual 200m from 13° to 18°
· Full range 0-100% dimmer
· Various strobe
· Rotating 3 facets prism
· RDM function to change DMX address, flip display, reverse X/Y, temperature control
· Software upgrade via DMX
· Hibernation when lost DMX for a preset time
· Indicate temperature info of base, arm, and lamp
· Fan speed auto change according to temperature

· 2.4″ LCD display with English/Chinese/French/Spanish menu
· Auto-lock
· Flip_Back-up communicating ICPower
· Max power consumption: 160W
· Powercon in and out
· Power supply: Electronic auto-ranging
· Input voltage range: 100–240V, 50-60Hz

Dimension and Weight
· Fixture: 299 x 252 x 431 mm
· Packing: 370 x 267 x 510 mm
· Net Weight: 9kg
· Gross Weight: 11kg

· Mounting points: 2 ¼-turn locks
· 1 x Omega brackets with ¼-turn quick locks
· Safety rope

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