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ClearOne Converge Pro 880T digital matrix conference system

ClearOne Converge Pro 880T digital matrix conference system

ClearOne Converge Pro 880T digital matrix conference system


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ClearOne Converge Pro 880T digital matrix conference system. In Goede staat.

- 2dehands product. (3)

The successor to the industry-leading
XAP 800. As the flagship product in
ClearOne’s next-generation CONVERGE Pro
professional audio conferencing product
line, the 880 is a complete audio system
that delivers rich functionality with improved
audio performance, enhanced management,
and simplified configuration for audio
conferencing and sound-reinforcement

Advanced Conferencing Feature Set
+ Next-generation Acoustical Echo Cancellation
> Improved duplex performance
> Push-to-talk microphone compatibility
+ Next-generation Noise Cancellation
> Adaptive modeling to room ambient noise condition
+ Increased resolution on Microphone Preamp stage
> 0-56 dB in 7 dB increments
+ Pre-AEC routing for Sound Reinforcement Applications
> Maximum of 4 millisecond processing delay
+ Management Improvements
> Integrated Ethernet and USB connections
> SNMP and HTML remote management agents
> Event scheduler
> Diagnostic console
+ Simplified Configuration Software
> Drag & drop A/V and channel objects
> Selectable views—unit, matrix, channel
+ Expanded Serial Command List
Superior Audio Performance
+ Next-generation Distributed Echo Cancellation® on every mic input
+ First-mic priority delivers clear audio to the far end
+ 20 Hz-22 kHz bandwidth for full-range audio response
+ ALC & AGC keep participants’ audio balanced and consistent
Configuration Flexibility
+ Scalable – link multiple CONVERGE Pro units for extensive microphone coverage and up to 16
phone lines
+ Enhanced expansion bus, featuring 18 mix-minus audio buses for routing between units
+ Ten mic gating groups (four internal & six global) allow separation of mics into
individual mixer gating groups for greater configuration flexibility
+ 32 presets can be executed on-the-fly without disturbing other ongoing preset
+ 255 Macros for customized audio control/configuration with single command execution
Conferencing Capability
+ Link with multiple CONVERGE Pro TH20s for up to 16-line capability
+ Also link to CONVERGE Pro system components for more inputs and outputs

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