Showtec LED Neon Flex 24V Roll 20m Green

Showtec LED Neon Flex 24V Roll 20m Green




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Showtec LED Neon Flex 24V Roll 20m Green. Nieuw product. (41630G).

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LED Neonflex is the ideal replacement for common neon-glass, but with the benefits of LED.
LED Neonflex is 100% unbreakable and waterproof. It consists out of a string of LEDs, spaced at a specific distance to produce smooth light with a neon-like brightness.
Due to the use of the very latest LED technology it has a very long lifetime.
It is highly flexible and can be bent to a minimum radius of 4cm and can be cut to desired lengths.
LED Neonflex is easy to form various corners, curves, lettering, logos, patterns, motifs and all other applications where traditional glass neon was applied.


Ordercode: 41630G
Color: Green
Voltage: 24V
Cutting Length: 102 cm
Size: 12 x 26 mm
LED per meter: 80
LED Spacing: 12,5 mm
Power/meter: 0,65W
Packing: Reel, 20m
Max. Length: 90m

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