Extron RGB 202Xi Universal Analog/ECL/TTL System Interface

Extron RGB 202Xi Universal Analog/ECL/TTL System Interface




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Extron RGB 202Xi Universal Analog/ECL/TTL System Interface. In goede staat.

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  • Input Switch
  • Peaking Control
  • Termination Switches
  • Automatic Sync Stripping
  • Automatic Sync Output Detection
  • Audio Interface

The Extron RGB 202xi Universal Analog / ECL / TTL System Interface with ADSP providing complete compatibility with ANY computer system on the market and can even compensate for many limitations found in data projectors and data monitors. These special enhancement features give the RGB 202xi the ability to actually improve image clarity, brightness, sharpness, contrast, and make it capable of driving the output RGB video signal up to 1000 feet (depending on input frequency). Providing an RGB video bandwidth of 300 MHz (-3dB) and a horizontal frequency range compatibility between 15 - 150 kHz, the RGB 202xi will allow any computer to be connected to a compatible data or graphics style presentation monitor or projector while allowing simultaneous viewing of the computerÕs own local monitor. In addition, the RGB 202xi includes an audio interface. Because the RGB 202xi has a built-in PC audio to linelevel audio (balanced) converter, it is perfect for integration of PC audio into a rack audio switcher as the audio interface is inside the RGB 202xi. No need for an external audio pre-amp or converter.

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