Extron GLI 2000 RGBHV 5BNC ground loop inhibitor

Extron GLI 2000 RGBHV 5BNC ground loop inhibitor




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Extron GLI 2000 RGBHV 5BNC ground loop inhibitor. In zeer goede staat. 

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The Extron GLI 2000 5BNC heavy duty Ground Loop Inhibitor offers a reliable, simple solution for AV system ground loop problems. The GLI 2000 5BNC's compact design and rugged construction make it an ideal solution for staging applications where mobility and ease of handling are required. It comes standard with protective rails that guard connectors from damage. This flexibility in design allows it to be mounted virtually anywhere, including in a rack or road case, near the projector, or in/under furniture.

The GLI 2000 5BNC is intended for all signal types from RGBHV down to composite video. It handles even the highest frequency signals and various cable lengths without signal degradation.

The GLI 2000 5BNC is designed for applications that experience ground loop and interference problems, such as those found in convention centers, hotels, or other large buildings. These problems occur when separate grounds, carrying different loads, are "looped" together by sources and displays within an AV system, resulting in hum bars — 50- or 60-cycle noise. Hum bars can be described as thick, horizontal background bars rolling vertically through the displayed image. This problem is most common when a projector and its signal source(s) are powered from two different power-ground systems that are separated by significant distance. One solution is to have all system components powered from the same ground, but this is not always a possible or cost-effective solution. The GLI 2000 5BNC can save hours of troubleshooting and unnecessary rewiring by providing video hum suppression for systems where it is impractical to connect all equipment to the same ground —virtually eliminating hum bars, common-mode noise, and other visible effects caused by improper grounding in video systems.

The GLI 2000 5BNC uses proven passive technology and high performance components that provide high core saturation voltage capabilities for even the worst ground loop problems. It does not require an external power supply as it is non-powered. This enables it to be added anywhere in a system. By using innovative technology, the GLI 2000 5BNC is effective in solving the majority of video grounding problems.


  • Inputs: Five female BNCs
  • Outputs: Five female BNCs
  • Proven and reliable passive technology
  • High core saturation voltage effectively eliminates hum bars and common-mode noise caused by ground loops
  • Rugged, rack-mountable, metal enclosure with protective guard rails
  • 425 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth
  • 10-2000 kHz horizontal frequency range
  • No external power required
  • Multi-video format compatible

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