Sony DSC-1024G Scan converter with GENLOCK

Sony DSC-1024G Scan converter with GENLOCK




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Sony DSC-1024G Scan converter with GENLOCK. zonder brackets. In goede staat.

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The DSC-1024G scan converts, transcodes, standards converts, aspect ratio converts, line doubles and signal processes. The DSC-1024G has an added GENLOCK function which uses a black-burst signal applied as a genlock reference, so that the signal output can be synchronized to the reference.


  • Accepts a variety of video signal standards and transforms them into a different one. Input/output interfaces to and from composite, Y/C, RGB and component signals.
  • Allows for the conversions of line rates (ex. 525 «625() and for NTSC«PAL.
    This increases usable source formats and provides for international exchange of source material.
  • In a “war of formats” world, the scan converter can accept and change a wide range of aspect ratios, i.e. 4:3, 16:9, 2:1, 1:85, 1:66, etc.
  • Display memories can store up to five sets of input/output selections, zooming size, H/V size and H/V position for later recall via on screen menus.
  • Doubles the horizontal scanning frequencies of NTSC and PAL sources to eliminate flicker and visible line structure.
  • The zooming function of up to 4 times the image size makes the DSC-1024 a suitable signal processor for 4 x 4 video walls. (Requires one unit per display.)
  • Four internal test patterns: gray scale, color bars, cross-hatch and border-line are built-in, providing helpful tools for user/technician setup.
  • All on screen menus are viewable in five languages: English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.Additionally, the on screen display for the horizontal and vertical sizing has an on screen number display which allows you to know instantly what aspect ratio you are viewing.
  • DSC-1024 offers a three channel input selector (2 channels of composite video or Y/C, and one channel of RGB or Y/R-Y/B-Y), three stereo audio inputs and one stereo audio output for various signal format applications.
  • A high quality 3 line digital comb filter is incorporated in the video decoder for Y/C separation, reducing dot crawl and noise artifacts.
  • Allows the user to freeze one frame of video at a time for discrete viewing.
  • Adjusting the horizontal and vertical shift moves the displayed image left/right and top/bottom. It is useful for centering images after size adjustments and for underscan. Underscan allows viewing of skew and tracking which would not be visible in the normal (overscanned) mode.
  • Picture zoom fills the screen with only a portion of the original image for magnification up to 4 times the original size. Pan allows the user to move around the original image in the zoom mode to view the desired area.
  • The aperture control advantage is two-fold. One, when displaying a 15.75 kHz signal, it removes flicker produced when converting an interlaced image to a non-interlaced image. Second, when displaying a signal of 31.5kHz+, the aperture control increases apparent detail by sharpening edge detail. The aperture control function is switchable (ON/OFF).
  • Remote control is standard and is compatible with two types of existing Ids: TV, and PJ via wired or wireless SIRCS. This remote control is capable of communicating in an Index System.

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